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9 Substitutes of chicken breast that are protein-rich foods

Chicken breast is a significant food protein choice in bodybuilding and fitness. Chicken breast is the meat cut from the pectoral part of the chicken. It is preferred because it has low calories but is rich in proteins essential for building muscle mass. Many people believe that the only way to get a healthy high protein meal is to eat a chicken breast with a side of vegetables. But that meal can get pretty boring pretty fast! One of the easiest ways to fail in weight loss goals is to get bored with eating healthy foods. It's important to add some diversity to your meals not only for the sake of taste, but also for the diversity of nutrients. Chicken breast can be substituted with other food proteins that serve the same purpose. Some of the protein substitutes that can replace chicken breasts and still help in bodybuilding and fitness include:

1. Turkey breast

Bodybuilders can consider turkey breast as the best replacement for chicken breast in a recipe. Turkey breast texture and flavor is similar to that of chicken breast. Turkey breast has calories and proteins similar to chicken breasts (Jacob, 2022).

However, chicken breast happens to have slightly higher calories than turkey breast. However, the calorie content might not be a cause of concern if the right approach is taken in creating a right balance between the uantity of protein consumed and the calorie content. Taking tuckey breast can have similar effect on bodybuilding goals if they are cosnumed with the same deleigence and purpose as chicke breast.

2. Duck breast

Duck breast can replace chicken breast in any cooking recipe to increase muscle mass and fitness. Besides, duck breast flavor is better and stronger than chicken breast, making it a better replacement choice for many bodybuilders. It would be good news for many bodybuilders that they can make that swap, especially if they have always preferred duck breast over the chicken alternative.

Also, it provides more iron and vitamin than chicken breasts. It is darker than chicken breast because it has more myoglobin than chicken breast.

The cooking methods of duck and chicken breast are similar, making it easier for people to adjust to their recipes requiring chicken breast.

3. Chicken thighs

Bodybuilders can use chicken thighs to replace chicken breasts as a source of protein. Chicken thighs have a lot of fat with good flavour. Chicken thighs taste better than chicken breast since the fat in chicken thighs gives them a good flavor.

Also, it has a different texture that works bests in a recipe. They are economical, allowing many bodybuilders from every economic class to afford them. Besides, the difference in price per pound between chicken breast and thighs is at least three dollars.

Chicken thighs can be fried, grilled, and baked to perfectly serve the purpose of chicken breast. While cooking chicken thighs with other food items, it is essential to debone and peel the skin off the chicken.

4. Pork tenderloin

Bodybuilders can replace chicken breast with pork tenderloin if they want a change in flavor in their dish. The leanest pork cut provides a different flavor than chicken breast.

However, the pork tenderloin texture is similar to that of chicken breast, allowing it to replace chicken breast in a recipe perfectly. Also, pork tenderloin has protein, making it excellent for humans to maintain fitness.

Pork tenderloin can be roasted, baked, and fried. It cooks up more quickly than chicken breast. However, the primary drawback with any pork product is that some people might have reservations that are not related it its effectiveness as a substitute for chicken breast in


5. Vegan chicken

Vegan chicken is a suitable replacement for chicken breast that bodybuilders should consider. It is made from soy-based ingredients, which contain less fat but high proteins, vitamins, and minerals essential in building muscle mass and keeping fit (Jacob, 2022).

Vegan chicken can be bought in stores for cheaper than chicken breast. It has a meat-like texture that can be flavored with spices to taste like real chicken. For some time now, there has been a debate on whether it is ethical to consume chicken breast, or any other animal source of protein. Thus, vegan chicken is an appropriate alternative for vegans.

6. Steak

Steak may well be the first chicken-alternative you jump to, and for good reason. Steak has remained a gym-goer’s staple for some time now, and this looks unlikely to change. While it is often thought of as a ‘treat meat’, this tasty protein source comes jam-packed with health benefits.

A 3 oz. serving of red meat provides you with around half the protein needed by the average adult, and contains an amino acid called beta-alanine, which boosts muscle function. Crucial studies by the University of Cambridge have proven that protein activates the cells responsible for keeping us awake during the day, and burning calories. Meanwhile, research from Texas A&M University states that beef brisket contains high levels of oleic acid (omega-9) which is a great essential fatty acid. However, steak is more expensive than chicken breast.


Nuts are a ‘finger-food’ you can trust, and are no longer the sole preserve of the local pub – incorporating a small range of nuts into your diet will provide enough healthy fats and proteins to meet your fitness goals. Nuts pack a hefty protein hit and can be used either pre or post-workout, depending on your particular goals.

The American Institute for Cancer Research has highlighted the wealth of benefits they offer, as they are vital for building a cancer-protective diet. They are also rich in calories, with around 168 in a 1 oz. serving. Snacking on nuts throughout the day is actually a very effective way of meeting your calorie quota. You have a healthy snack that’s tasty, too. It can be easy to overeat on nuts, however – so exercise moderation. This is the key to getting the best from these powerhouse snacks.


Greek yogurt isn’t to be thrown in with the standard yogurts you see in the supermarket – Greek yogurt contains twice as much protein and is made by straining the liquid whey from regular yogurt, leaving you a clean, tasty protein hit.

For every 6 oz. serving you’ll get 15 grams of protein – perfect to help you rebuild after the most gruelling of workouts. The great thing about Greek Yogurt is its versatility. You can have it with fruit, in a salad or even use it in a pasta dish for a great combination of carbs and protein.

One tip: look out for the sugar content and dodge the full-fat versions. Keeping an eye on nutritional content will be second nature before long, and making a habit out of it will benefit you in the long run.


People were aware of eggs well – they’re a protein powerhouse that have stood the test of time. Inexpensive, easy to prepare (scrambled, poached or boiled?) and packed full of nutrients, you really can’t go wrong.

Studies by St. Louis University have shown that eggs can make you feel fuller for longer. One hard-boiled egg contains 6.29 grams of protein – it provides men with 11% of their daily protein intake, while women are supplied with 14%. They drastically improve carotenoid absorption, according to research by Oregon State University. Carotenoids are the plant pigment responsible for those brightly coloured veggies on your plate (mostly reds, oranges and yellows). They also possess some excellent antioxidant properties.


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