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Workout at Home

A full-body workout will always be easier when you are in a gym, but it is not the be‑all and end‑all option. Sure, doing exercises with all the equipment, including the treadmill, stationary bike, and weightlifting machines around you makes everything simpler. Still, home workouts can provide the same effect on your body if you know the right exercises and do them properly. Not everyone can afford the membership fee in a fancy gym or have the time to spare in going to the nearest gym every single day.

Home workout vs Gym workout

People often argue home workout exercises versus gym workout routines. They can’t be compared in the sense that the gym was solely created for working out and, therefore, should be at all points to be the most effective place for anyone to do the exercises. However, the main question is – “Are home workouts as effective as those done in the gym?”

Exercise using your body weight

If it is about the effectiveness of home workouts, the answer is a resounding yes. Most exercises, if not all, can be done at home. The only main difference would be the use of the equipment and the amount of space allotted to do these exercises. As long as these exercises would be about body movements, including pushups, squat exercises, running, jumping, and the like, the effectiveness would be at par when you are grinding at the gym. Training with your bodyweight alone can be effective in building strength or toning the different areas of your body. Never underestimate the power of bodyweight training.

Factors that can affect home workout effectiveness

Motivation and Boredom

Not everybody can motivate themselves to do daily workouts at home without anyone urging them to do it. Music has proven to be a great catalyst in making people move. Playing music and timing the beats with your exercise would help a lot in finishing the routine. Having a dedicated exercise partner will also help, but if there is no one to accompany you, then turn to your smartphone or tablet to be able to participate in live streams or follow a workout demo. No one needs to be left alone in the room without anyone to exercise with these days.


This is only true for people who bought equipment to be used at home. Most people at home would choose to use just a yoga mat and that does not require a big amount of space. However, if you have decided to build a mini gym in a spare room, plan the layout before buying any equipment. Planning everything will save you from wasting time, effort, and money.

Distractions, Diligence, and Discipline

Whether it is at home or the gym, distractions are aplenty but the distractions at home are on another level especially if you have kids. Make plans on how to go about it. The good thing about working out at home is the convenience of doing the exercises in your own time. Sticking to a certain hour of the day without any excuses will turn into a daily routine that your body will learn to adjust to in no time.

Types of effective workouts you can do at home

Just because you do not have access to fancy exercise equipment, you won’t achieve the kind of body you are aiming for. Ask any expert and they will tell you that it is possible by just performing the right exercises at home. These exercises are quite simple and all you need is a yoga mat and your bodyweight.

Do a warm-up. It will prevent any injury or any soreness after each workout, and it will improve blood circulation, priming your body for an intensive workout. You can warm up with low-intensity exercises such as light squats, hip rotations, swings, or any lunges. If you don’t have time to warm up, it only means you don’t have time to work out. Next, do these exercises:

(Push-ups, Bodyweight Squats, Jumping Jacks, Plank, Walking Lunges)

Performing these exercises in the right manner will not only improve the body’s strength but will also help build muscles in the right areas. If unsure about these exercises, the internet is full of demo-type videos detailing the proper execution of each exercise. You can easily start by doing 15 to 25 reps as a beginner and then upgrade to the Intermediate level. Do not forget to give yourself time to rest before moving to another set. No skipping of levels as these programs were designed to give the body the right tension at the right moment.

Cardio lovers are most recommended to do running and walking around your house, yard, or the street around the neighborhood. Doing sprints on the streets around you may even motivate you if you are easily bored as your eyes will feast on the surroundings while doing cardio exercises.


Need an easy way to track your routines and workouts?

If you want to save yourself time and energy while logging your workout, check out BurnFit. It’s the most intuitive and straightforward workout tracker & planner you’ll find. It’s designed to help you get bigger, stronger, and more athletic. Whether creating your own workout plan pre-workout or following tailor-made strength programs, BurnFit provides everything you need to get better results from every workout.

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