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The benefits of resistance training for weight loss

Resistance training is also known as Weight Lifting. This technique has been used for centuries and decades as a new and efficient way to build a muscular body. Recent scientific research shows that resistance training helps us to build strength, plus it also improves our muscle size and can help us counteract age-related muscle loss.

This does not matter that resistance training is done via body weight, resistance bands or machines, or dumbbells.

Resistance training is increasing its popularity among people who wants to lose weight.

Resistance training not only has its health impacts on lowering body fat, but it also boosts muscle size and strength.

While other exercises, such as running and cycling, are also effective in reducing body fat but these exercises can also decrease your muscle size. If your muscle size has been decreased, then this can cause weaker muscles.

What is Resistance Training is Simple Words

Resistance training or exercise is a type of technology that helps people to build muscle. It is normally done with objects or weights. The second way in which Resistance exercise is done is with resistance bands or your own body weight.

In simple and easy words, Resistance training helps us to improve our overall health and fitness level.

Types of Resistance Exercise

There are four types of resistance training, I’m listing all of them below:

  1. Weightlifting: Weightlifting is also known as weight or strength training. In this type of exercise, you have to utilize weight equipment to push your muscles. This kind of exercise is also excellent for improving the strength of muscles and accelerating metabolism. The results after doing this exercise are that it can end in higher weight loss.

  2. Bodyweight exercises: The second type of resistance training is bodyweight movements or training like push-ups, pull-ups, and squats. These exercises can also be performed practically at any place and with little to no equipment by using your own body weight as resistance. Bodyweight exercises are excellent for gaining muscle and strength and can be difficult cardio workouts as well.

  3. Resistance bands: The 3rd type is Resistance bands. Resistance training with resistance bands is a practical type of training that is full of benefits. It has different & various levels of resistance and is made of elastic. After all, this exercise is excellent for both traveling and at home. Another benefit of this exercise is that it can be used to work out the whole body as well as specific muscle areas.

  4. Machine-based resistance training: Machine-based resistance training includes working your muscles on weight machines like the leg press or the chest press. These machines are a wonderful choice for people who are new to resistance training because they are made to isolate specific muscle areas and offer consistent resistance. Due to its little impact on the joints, machine-based resistance training is also a fantastic option for older adults or anyone with physical limitations.

Overall, there are many different types of resistance training available, and each has its specific advantages. You can attain your weight loss objectives and enhance your general health and fitness by including a range of resistance training techniques in your daily fitness routine.

The science behind resistance training and weight loss

How resistance training increases muscle mass

The muscles are forced to work more than they usually work during resistance training, which includes bodyweight exercises, resistance bands, and weightlifting. The muscle fibers experience minor injuries as a result, which they later mend and strengthen. The rate of metabolism rises along with muscle mass. Your body consumes more calories when it is at rest, which results in more weight reduction.

How increased muscle mass leads to an increase in metabolism

As we just discussed, an increase in metabolism results in an increase in muscular mass. This is because muscle tissue burns more calories per unit of area than fat tissue. This proves that muscle burns or consumes more calories than fat even when at rest. Therefore, if you have more muscle mass, your body will burn more calories and help you lose more weight.

The role of hormones in weight loss

Resistance exercise has significant benefits on hormones that control weight. Hormones play a very important role in weight.

Let's take a small example, resistance exercise increases the production of growth hormone and testosterone, which can help in boosting metabolism and build muscle. The hormone insulin plays an essential role in weight loss, and resistance exercise can help in controlling it. The body may burn fat for energy when insulin is correctly managed and controlled, which results in more weight loss.

5 Benefits of resistance training for weight loss

  1. It can help you lose weight by burning your calories.

  2. Resistance training can also help you lose fat

  3. The third point is that it helps you to maintain your muscle mass

  4. Resistance training can help you in boosting metabolism

  5. Lastly, It lowers your risk of regaining weight

How Resistance training can help you lose weight by burning calories

As I listed before that the first benefit is that resistance training helps you to lose weight by burning calories and this technique helps you to build slight muscle mass

Your body has to work harder while moving the weights or objects during resistance exercise. This means that even when your body is at rest, it is burning more calories. Moreover that your body will continue to burn more calories throughout the day as you create more muscle.

If you are a person who is always looking to lose weight, then you must add Resistance training to your daily workout routine.

How Resistance training can help you lose fat

The second benefit of resistance training is that it will help you to lose fat. How?

The logic is almost the same. Whenever you apply resistance exercise, your body has to work hard, and this will help you to lose fat.

How Resistance training can help maintain your muscle mass

When you lose weight, your body is losing a combination of fat and muscle. Seeing the weight loss on the scale may also make you happy. That's because muscle is what keeps your metabolism moving and helps you burn calories.

But when you add resistance training to your weight loss plan, you're more likely to maintain your muscle mass. That means you'll be able to keep your metabolism going strong, even as you lose weight.

How Resistance training can help you boosting metabolism

As we've already stated, muscle has a higher metabolic activity than fat. Therefore, whenever you lose weight while maintaining your muscle mass, your metabolism will increase. And because of it, you will be able to maintain your weight loss over the long run.

How Resistance Exercise lowers your risk of regaining weight

Dieting has many risks; among them is that you'll gain back all of the weight you've lost and more. However, you reduce your risk of gaining weight when you include resistance exercise in your weight loss regimen. This is so that you can develop a leaner, more muscular body that is better equipped to maintain a weight loss regimen.

What are a few Health Benefits of Resistance Exercise?

There are also a few benefits of resistance training in the area of health, I’m listing some of them below:

  • Improvement in the strength of muscle

  • It helps in protecting your joints from different small injuries

  • It also decreases anxiety

  • It improves your feelings and much more.

Why People Prefer Resistance Exercise over Dieting

There are several reasons why people prefer resistance exercise over dieting when it comes to losing weight and improving their overall health.

  1. Dieting can be difficult.

  2. Dieting may not work in the long term because people often regain the weight they lose after discontinuing their diet.


So if you're looking to lose weight and keep it off, don't just rely on dieting. We’ll highly recommend you add resistance training to your diet and exercise plan.

We hope that you must get benefit from reading this valuable piece of content.


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